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Poster parade at 3mE

PhD student Hugo Perez Garza won the best poster award at last week’s PhD day. A good poster should be clear but not too simple, says the jury.

In his poster Perez Garza made clear that his PhD research at precision and microsystems engineering is about stretching graphene, the single-layered carbon material with lots of special properties and promising applications. Under normal conditions the hexagonal holes in graphene are too small for hydrogen molecules to pass. The idea is that by applying stress to a graphene sheet, the holes may be widened just enough for hydrogen to pass and to use graphene as a selective gas filter or possibly hydrogen will bind to graphene.

Perez Garza explains: "The idea of the project is to explore the conditions that lead to reversible interaction with hydrogen and thus its separation from a gas mixture. The obtained results of nearly 15% strain represent a leading step towards unlocking novel graphene applications in hydrogen separation but also in optical and nanoelectronics devices."

Prof. Hans Hellendoorn, chairman of the jury, explained the criteria for a good poster: it should clarify the research target, be attractive by presenting new or nice facts. The amount of text should be limited but at the same time the poster shouldn’t be too simple either.

According to the jury Perez Garza achieved the best balance in information and presentation. Second came Likun Ma (PhD student at process and energy) and Jerke Eisma (also at P&E) won the third prize.

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