OWee 2021 at Sint Jansbrug, one of LKvV's members.
OWee 2021 at Sint Jansbrug, one of LKvV's members. (Photo: Daniël Korvemaker)

After records were broken last year, this year too has seen a surge in the number of students wanting to join associations, reports the National Chamber of Societies.

Lees in het Nederlands

At the end of last week, the National Chamber of Societies (LKvV) completed its list of new registrations for its member associations. For a while it looked like the numbers would bring some surprises, such as a significant drop in Utrecht (-25%). After looking into it, it appeared that the drop was caused by the associations in Utrecht raising their registration bar to avoid people not being drawn for membership further increasing. Other fluctuations in the list have administrative reasons too.

The large rise in Tilburg (+142%) matches the ‘real’ trend more accurately which is that membership of a student association is more popular than ever. This is the situation at TU Delft. “Students are fed up of sitting at home and have a greater need for social contact,” explains LKvV Chair Denise Van de Sant. She admits, though, that there is another side to the coin. “People have not been drawn now for the third time in a row in some associations. It is a shame and very frustrating if they do not get in yet again.” For this reason, the LKvV had previously announced that it wished to enter into discussion with universities and municipalities to see if there was place for new associations. “Without financial support and the agreement of institutions and municipalities, it is hard to set up new associations or expand existing ones.”