Self-healing coating

Poetic impression by Bauke Steenhuisen of the dissertation ‘Self-Healing Corrosion Protective Sol-Gel Coatings' van Mina Abdolah Zadeh, defended on the 29th of January.

Self-healing power is a trick that you'll
connect to Spiderman and Wolverine
or link it to some New Age kind of scene
with quinoa. Molecule by molecule

we optimized some drooly stuff as cool
no guru, Hulk or Bond has ever seen.
It‘s called a sol-gel coating and it’s lean
it's thermo-sensitive and like a jewel

combines with almost any metal subsoil.
Moneywise such film prevents a waste
of globally per annum eighteen zeroes

maybe. What a super-duper foil
this hybrid tetra-sulfide polymer-based
anti-aging cream for rusty heroes.

poetic engineering tu delft delta

Bauke Steenhuisen (universiteit docent bij de faculteit TBM) en Jeroen Manders (zanger, acteur, tekstschrijver, componist en voormalig IO student) verdichtten tussen december 2014 en maart 2017 42 keer een Delftse afstudeerscriptie of proefschrift tot een sonnet. Illustraties waren van Ella Nitters.