A poetic impression by Bauke Steenhuisen of the dissertation 'On the prediction of polyphenol properties' by David Méndez Sevillano.

More folk, more food. More food, more waste. But not
Just more, the waste gets more nutritious too.
Reprocessing some new delicious brew
Nevertheless appears a Gordian knot

Not only to cut through but also to
Re-tie its hydrophobic, multi-phased
Ionic interactions, to be praised
By uninformed naïve consumers who

Are sipping from their fresh made jasmine tea
Unconscious of its juicy history.
Thanks to a coefficient called ‘LogD’

And grouping tools to model chemistry
We now have managed to steep tea from pee.
What a splendid new technology!


poetic engineering tu delft delta

Bauke Steenhuisen (universiteit docent bij de faculteit TBM) en Jeroen Manders (zanger, acteur, tekstschrijver, componist en voormalig IO student) verdichtten tussen december 2014 en maart 2017 42 keer een Delftse afstudeerscriptie of proefschrift tot een sonnet. Illustraties waren van Ella Nitters.