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Poetic impression by Bauke Steenhuisen of the dissertation ‘Reducing the genetic complexity of glycolysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae’ by Daniel Solis Escalante, defended on March the 16th 2015 in Delft.

Don’t underestimate the might of yeast
With its fermenting glycolytic genes
Producing families of proteins
Quite as complex as those of man at least.

The story goes, some 100 million years
Ago, this organism duplicated
Its genome. An act that implicated
So we guessed, why many engineers

Are so obsessed and given many bucks
To date to crack the code and to reflect
On what might be the secret of its flux.

Despite the brains it took to disconnect
Some double genes – this should have hit the crux
We thought – surprise, we measured no effect!


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Bauke Steenhuisen (universiteit docent bij de faculteit TBM) en Jeroen Manders (zanger, acteur, tekstschrijver, componist en voormalig IO student) verdichtten tussen december 2014 en maart 2017 42 keer een Delftse afstudeerscriptie of proefschrift tot een sonnet. Illustraties waren van Ella Nitters.