There are long queues at student association DSB in Delft.
(Photos: Justyna Botor and Marjolein van der Veldt)

Thousands of freshmen are currently being introduced to Delft student life. Delta participates throughout the week, from gay bingo to leek slapping. This was the OWee Tuesday.

Lees in het Nederlands

The third day of the OWee was all about the associations. During the day a guided tour, at night a party. And what a good feeling it was to finally, after two digital years, be able to let loose with a leek. 

This week not one, but two introductions. For first-year master students there is the English Introduction Programme (IP), for first-year bachelor students the OWee. Bring them together on campus and you will get long queues for the food truck.

At De Bolk, participants could ‘Bob Ross with chalk. How does that work? A pavement tile as a canvas, chalk as paint and you just Ross’ away. Honestly, the result is phenomenal.

At Sint Jansbrug, students took the plunge. In a safe and secure way, of course.

Dream away to the sounds of Salted Butter, one of the ensembles of jazz club Groover.

By now an OWee tradition: the gay bingo at Outsite. While the crowd waits for the flamboyant presenter ZsaZsa and her German assistant Bruno, they are entertained with performances by numerous other local celebrities. Beware of false bingo!

The free open-air cinema on the Market Square brought students and residents together. 

Preimeppen (leek slapping), the safe and modern alternative to fighting with swords. However, those two corona years left their mark. Never before have we seen students so passionately slapping away their frustrations.

Only when the street turns completely green the leek fight is over. Tired, the green knights leave and head for the next party.