An employee of a company talks to freshmen at the OWee information market.
(Photos: Justyna Botor)

Thousands of freshmen are currently being introduced to Delft student life. Delta participates throughout the week, this time from the information market.

Lees in het Nederlands

On Monday, student associations, various TU Delft organisations and companies presented themselves to the newly arrived students at the Market Square.

For participants, this is an excellent opportunity to get hold of as many free caps, socks and pens as possible. But where do you leave all those goodies? In one of those cool Delta tote bags of course!

Two left legs? You can also use your hands at the Ariston soccer association.  

Sun's out, gums out!

On day 2, the ‘registration laptops’ at student associations were already working overtime. Like here at Sint Jansbrug.

Boardsports club Drop attracted a lot of attention. Both freshmen and members performed neck-breaking antics on the halfpipe.

Members of Virgiel practicing their promo talk.

The members of the Wave swimming club are also enjoying themselves on dry land.

Anyone leaving the Proteus-Eretes rowing club in the dead of night is kindly - yet urgently - requested to do so in silence. ‘Shh! Our neighbours are asleep’, the sign reads.