Van links naar rechts: Bert van der Woerd (fractievoorzitter CU), Joëlle Gooijer (kandidaat-wethouder CU), Sivan Maruf (fractievoorzitter D66), Martina Huijsmans (kandidaat-wethouder D66), Ida de Boer (fractievoorzitter STIP), Maaike Zwart (kandidaat-wethouder STIP), Rinske Wessels (fractievoorzitter GroenLinks), Karin Schrederhof (kandidaat-wethouder PvdA), Frank van Vliet (kandidaat-wethouder GroenLinks), Leon Hombergen (fractievoorzitter PvdA).
The fraction chairs and prospective Aldermen of the new coalition of the municipality of Delft. (Photo: Municipality of Delft)

Delft’s new Aldermen of Stip, D66, GroenLinks, PvdA and ChristenUnie – three of whom are TU Delft alumni – will take office on 15 June. What are their plans?

Lees in het Nederlands

In the ‘Samen werken aan Delft’ (working together on Delft) agreement, the five parties are prioritising equal opportunities, housing, safety, sustainability and finances. The agreement specifies these main directions which the coalition plans to further work out with the Municipal Council, residents, organisations and companies.

The five parties also mention students. The coalition hopes to ‘enlarge the connection between students and the city’. “We strive to solve what needs to be done in the city with the city, and in doing so, are using students’ knowledge and skills.”

The agreement also covers student accommodation which played a major role in the municipal council elections. The coalition plans to further expand the increase in student housing. On top of the 2,500 new student housing units that should be available by 2026, another 1,000 units should be made available by 2030.

The coalition says that it ‘has a strong preference’ for group housing, which many students want and which student associations have been arguing for for years. Space must be found on the TU Delft campus, the surroundings of Delft, and in small locations in the city. The Municipality estimates that a shortage of 5,000 student rooms is looming by 2030. This estimate already includes most of the plans announced for more accommodation.

It was previously announced that Marja van Bijsterveldt will remain the Mayor. At present there are five nominations for Aldermen:

  • Maaike Zwart (STIP) for Sustainability, Work and Income, and Economy
  • Martina Huijsmans (D66) for Finance, Spatial Planning, and Mobility
  • Frank van Vliet (GroenLinks) for Climate, Culture, and Public Space
  • Karin Schrederhof (Partij van de Arbeid) for Housing, Health Care, Education, and Sports
  • Joëlle Gooijer (ChristenUnie) for Youth, Senior Citizens, and Poverty 

Both Maaike Zwart and Martina Huijsmans studied at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft. Frank van Vliet too has a TU Delft connection. He studied at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. The nominated Aldermen will take office on 15 June.