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As a Delta reader, you will have to do without new articles in the coming weeks: our summer break starts on 4 July. Time to read the stories you may have missed. 

Lees in het Nederlands

Below, you will find a small selection of the most read articles of the past academic year and our own favourites: 

Moving stories

Marjolein Hartman, the mother of deceased TU Delft student Max. (Photo: Bob Awick)

  • TU student ‘Laura’ tells about her horrific experiences with sexual assault.
  • International students describe how they were swindled out of thousands of euros.
  • For some international students, the search for a room ends in a shared and very small room.
  • The mother of TU Delft student Max, who died in the waves at Scheveningen, wrote a book about her life afterwards. Delta looked her up.

Campus life

Greenery on the campus is also good for animals. (Photo: Sam Rentmeester)


Lighthouse de Lange Jaap must be saved, says a Delft emeritus. (Photo: Regionaal Archief Alkmaar via Flickr)

Delta will be back in full force during the OWee, which starts on 22 August. Would you like to reach us in the meantime? You can do so at delta@tudelft.nl. The editors will be working on long-term projects almost the entire summer. 

We wish you a happy summer!