video still kids on quantum

“In the quantum world, a zero and a one is simultaneously a zero and a one.” Not a typical line for a school girl. But this girl has just visited a youth lecture at the TU Delft Science Centre.

In the context of museum activities for youth (, the TU Delft Science Centre has organised special lectures for kids. To see what they have learned, a camera team interviewed the kids before and after the lecture. The videos were published on the TU Delft TV channel.




The lectures will be published on the Science Centre’s YouTube Channel, starting on Friday 22 December with Dr Julia Cramer on the quantum physics of the smallest particles. Next lectures are:

  • ‘Can you operate with an Octopus?’ by Professor Paul Breedveld on bio-inspired tools for the operation room.
  • ‘What happens to my turd?’ by Dr Merle de Kreuk on wastewater treatment with bacteria and safe swimming water.
  • And Kees de Jong from Naturalis will take the audience on a tour through minerals and fossils.

A new series of kids’ lectures will start in March 2018.