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Yan Song: “We’re kind of shy people so we sometimes hesitate to communicate with foreigners.”

Who are the people who study and work at TU Delft? We meet them in Humans of TU Delft where they talk about their work or other activities. Originally from Inner Mongolia in the northern part of China, Urbanism (BK) PhD candidate Yan Song is a long way from home. Through ACSSNL-Delft, the Chinese student society, he’s staying connected to his culture while helping to create a bridge with other cultures.

“I come from Inner Mongolia, the north part of China. I arrived here last October so it’s been a little more than a year. Of course I miss food. I think all the Chinese students here miss the food. But we try to find the ingredients here and we try to make food almost every day. I love cooking. It’s quite convenient here that in every city you can find an Asian supermarket so you can find what you need.

I’m also the vice chairman of the Chinese student society and believe it or not there are almost 1.,200 Chinese students and scholars at TU Delft, so it’s a lot of people. We organise events for these people and I think most of them have never lived abroad before so it’s nice to be able to meet other Chinese people regularly.

‘We host some events together with other international societies’

I think for most of the international student societies people like to stick with their own people. But for Chinese people we’re even more connected to each other. We’re kind of shy people so we sometimes hesitate to communicate with foreigners.

As a community we are trying to build a bridge between other international students and Chinese students. We host some events together with other international societies to have more contact with each other. For example, we hold a Chinese talent show and since last year we started doing it in both Chinese and English and invite other student societies to attend.”

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