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Humans of TU Delft: Sali Getahun
Sali Getahun: “I didn’t know anyone here, and I don’t have family here.” (Photo: Heather Montague)

Got questions about studying at TU Delft? Master’s student Sali Getahun and the TU Delft Student Ambassadors are here to help.

“I’m originally from Ethiopia. I got my bachelor’s there and worked for a couple of years before deciding to do my master’s. When I got accepted to TU Delft, I was more than happy to come here. I just finished my first year and am getting ready to start my graduation project.

I was a recipient of the Sub-Saharan Africa Excellence Scholarship. I had never been here, I didn’t know anyone here, and I don’t have family here. One of the previous scholarship recipients was also Ethiopian and she’s in my programme, which was a big help for me. I was constantly badgering her with questions, and she was great.

I learned about the TU Delft Student Ambassadors through a friend who was part of it. Before I joined, I did a lot of information sharing with students back home and even other places. People would reach out to me through a friend or acquaintance for information. When I applied here, I talked to so many people and that really helped me so I was more than willing to return the favour.

‘We can guide people in the right direction’

I was already sort of an unofficial ambassador, so when I heard about this opportunity to be part of a structured organisation doing it on a large scale it was great. Our major focus is answering the questions of prospective students. It’s mainly done through Facebook and students send us messages or comments. People reach out to us about the application process, admissions, housing and those kinds of things. We also post helpful information that’s relevant, like what to pack when you’re coming here or practical things like where to get your bike or how to get around. We represent most of the faculties so we can help with specific questions too. Or at least we can guide people in the right direction about who to talk to or what to do.

We are actually just about to open applications for new students to volunteer. The most important thing that we look for is enthusiasm. We’re all students and it is just voluntary. We have a monthly meeting, but apart from that it’s on your own time and we rotate as needed. We really just want people who are enthusiastic about helping new students.”

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