Eva Gresnigt-Raams
Eva Gresnigt-Raams: “I really want people to know that X is a place that is open, safe, and is an inclusive environment for everybody.” (Photo: Personal collection)

Who are the people who study or work at TU Delft? We meet them in Humans of TU Delft. This time: Eva Gresnigt-Raams, Head of Products at X.

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“I have been working at TU Delft for over 15 years. I have been in different roles over the years at X, which was previously called Sports & Culture, but I’ve been Head of Products since 2019. Products are what we call everything we have on offer within X, so that means all the activities for our target group, which is the young people studying at TU Delft. I really love my job and I always go to work with a smile on my face. It‘s a great place to work because of the environment and the colleagues, of course, but also because I really believe in the purpose we have. I like the fact that we’re a place within TU Delft where people mostly come for something they want, not something they need. There can be a lot of pressure on students, but here at X they can do whatever they feel like.

I think some students still think of X as a sports and culture venue, but it's good to know that we try to offer a wide range of activities that reflects the needs of the students. Our mission is to stimulate and facilitate the personal development of the young people studying at TU Delft which can be done through sports and cultural activities, but also through other activities like cooking or gaming. There is a gardening course and a student kitchen which anyone can make use of. We have a masseur so students can get a massage, we have podcasts, discussions, and all kinds of lectures at X about life issues.

‘Our role in mental health is preventive’

These things have nothing to do with studies, but everything to do with the person behind the student. We hope that people meet each other here and they learn from each other and they become the person they want to be in the end. Mental health is a hot topic right now, and we want to make sure that we provide students with resources which they can use. We collaborate with all kinds of specialists and create a well-balanced programme in order to create a place where you can choose your own path for personal development. Our role in mental health is preventive - if students have a place they can come, they can relax, unwind, meet up with people, have the freedom to act out and to be who/whatever they want to be, then they hopefully won't need a cure in the future.

We try to mix and match all the activities and all the people coming to X, including external people, in order to facilitate this meeting and connection between different people and different activities. I hope people will take a look at our website or even come over and have an experience of their own. We have Free Try-Outs from 4-8 September where people can discover what we have to offer and try them for free.

I really want people to know that X is a place that is open, safe, and is an inclusive environment for everybody. In cooperation with the students and partners we're really trying to make it a place where everybody can feel at home and everybody can find something they like.”

  • Are you curious about what X has to offer? Free Try-Outs at X from 4-8 September. The schedule can be viewed via the web shop

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