Humans of TU Delft Delta
Photo: Heather Montague

Having completed the first year of a master’s in applied physics, Axel Meeuwissen was chosen as Chairman of Lijst Bèta last May. Now he is taking a gap year to serve on the TU Delft Student Council.

“I did my bachelor’s here and started my master’s so I’ve been receiving education for several years now. We have great education here, but that does not mean we should stop looking for ways to improve it. I’m taking a gap year from my studies to be on the Student Council and hope to finish my master’s next year. I think in the Student Council you are really in a position to improve education even further.

The way we do lectures has remained the same for decades

For example, the content of our lectures is keeping up with technological developments but the way we do lectures has remained the same for decades. You put all the students together in a lecture hall and give them a one-size-fits-all education. This doesn’t really recognize the individual differences between students. Not everybody studies or learns the same way.

Now we have the opportunity to introduce technology into education so that we can give every student education that fits their study style. You could think of MOOCs and flipping the classroom for example. Also, learning analytics is a hot topic right now, using big data to improve the structure of education and give personalised feedback to students on how they can learn better. Before we implement this we obviously have to guarantee the privacy of our students first, but it’s a very promising technology.”

Heather Montague