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Humans of TU Delft: Anniek van Veldhuizen
Anniek van Veldhuizen: “Being a student is not only about taking tests and studying.” (Photo: Heather Montague)

Who are the people who study and work at TU Delft? We meet them in Humans of TU Delft. Although she wasn’t looking for something to do, civil engineering student Anniek van Veldhuizen was inspired when she learned about Students4Sustainability. As secretary of the board, she’s trying to help inspire other students to make a difference.

“A friend of mine who had been on the board of Students4Sustainability told me that they were looking for a new board, and I thought I would check it out. Now this year I am part of the board as the secretary. It’s really nice to be part of inspiring students to bring their technical knowledge into practice. Being a student is not only about taking tests and studying, you can really do something. With small technical innovations you can make a really big difference in developing areas. I thought that was cool, and that’s why I wanted to get involved this year.

‘You really can use your knowledge’

As a board, we talk to people who want to do projects, and they are almost always students. We look at how we can help them. We have students from all faculties and all student associations, so it’s very multidisciplinary. Anybody can get involved. One of our projects right now is called Shock Safe Nepal, and they build houses in Nepal that can survive an earthquake.

What we do is organise the funding for projects like this. We have donors who give money every month and 100% of the money goes into the projects because we are all volunteers. I think that makes us special.

We also organise activities to inspire students to use their technical knowledge for projects. It’s to let them know they can put it into practice, and it’s not just theory. You really can use your knowledge.”

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