TU Delft Delta
The festival field around TU Delft Library. (Photo: Connie van Uffelen)

Technology, art, music and food. That’s the shortest introduction to the fourth International Festival of Technology (IFoT) that will take place on campus between June 6th and 8th 2018. Use our interactive map to find your way.

This year’s theme is ‘Prove it. Proef ‘t’. Robotics, circular economy and quantum technology are combined in the opening show which is called ‘Three Tastes of Technology’. This talk show will be hosted by comedian Pep Rosenfeld. His guests are publicist Ronald Giphart with his writing algorithm; plastic soup specialist, Daniel Poolen; and quantum researcher Julia Cramer. Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen will be there too. It won’t be all talk – there will be music and short movies on Wednesday from 16:30 to 17:30 in the Aula. Find your way on this interactive map. 

IFoT will have acts, walking tours, interactive experiences, lectures, workshops and, of course, music. Lots of music on the big-o stage. On the list are Acid Arab, Jungle by Night, Convoi Exceptional, Bruno Belissimo and others. 



(Illustratie: Ifot)

Most of the festival will take place at the festival field around the Aula. There will be a quantum escape room where you have to finish a quantum experiment against time. Nearby, Nick Yap, founder of Volareo, will deliver a lecture on his latest start-up on music and blockchain technology using a voice controlled smart speaker. If you would rather feel what it is like to interact with social robots by talking to them in close interaction, then visit the interactive workshop ‘Living with social robots’ presented by associate professor Koen Hindriks.

There are also space campus tours starting at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering during which you can learn about the development of satellites and visit the cleanroom and the Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering (DARE) dream team. Campus walks along former university buildings in the city centre start at the Oostpoort. These walks are from a new guide ‘Wandelen naar de campus’ . Its author, Paul Kurstjens, designed routes on thirteen university campuses in the Netherlands that feature the historical and spatial growth of the universities.

Getting hungry? There is a wide variety of food and drinks available at the festival field, but beware: PIN only.