The Faculty of Architecture’s Architecture & Dwelling section is merging the worlds from Danish and Dutch architecture through a new lecture series called DK@BK. The final two lectures will take place on November 28 and December 12 2013.

Of the many sections within the architecture faculty, the Architecture & Dwellingsection stands out. It boasts Jacob van Rijs, co-founder of the top architecture firm MVRDV, as a professor in residence. And it hosts established architects from around the world for a regular lecture series called Capita Selecta.

Architecture & Dwelling’s curriculum educates students on how private dwellings, or residences, interact with municipal public buildings. The close physical association of public and private buildings is analyzed in relation to diversity, density, sustainability and quality.

This year, Van Rijs, who is also a TU Delft alumnus, has organized a string of English-language lectures exclusively from Danish architects. Each Thursday evening since November 14, architects from Danish architecture firms have been giving talks on their work at the Faculty of Architecture in the series DK@BK.

Boris Brorman Jensen, an associate professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture, opened the lecture series with an architect from COBE Architects. Last week, a couple of speakers from Adeptand Henning Larsen Architectsgave a talk.

This Thursday, architects from Schmidt Hammer Lassenand 3XNhave been invited to speak. After a hiatus for Sinterklaas, the final talk will take place on December 12, where the award-winning founders of Lundgaard & Tranberg Architectsand JDS Architectswill finish out the series. Both lectures will take place at BK City’s Oostserre, the east conservatory, from 18:00 to 20:00.

The all-Dane lineup is no random selection. In general, Dutch and Danish architecture is closely aligned. Many of the speakers have connections to the architecture world in the Netherlands, having done internships and schooling here, when, in the 1990s, Dutch architecture firms were the thought leaders in architectural design. Now, the Danish have snapped up the title. “What we had in those times is now happening there. Tremendously inspiring,” said Van Rijs.

Currently, Danish architecture firms hold a high position in the industry. “The architect has a lot of input there, you are given every freedom,” Van Rijs said, citing the supportive government policies of Denmark.

The Capita Selecta series strives to bring diverse perspectives to DUT architecture students. Last year, the Capita Selecta series hosted lecturers from China, Russia, Ethiopia and India.