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Up and coming bands, cultural activities and tasty festival food: the ‘Festival Aangeschoten Wild’ has it all. This year is the 10th festival and it will be held on May 18th. We look back at the festival’s history and forward to this year’s edition.

The Aangeschoten Wild festival is organised by student volunteers from the D.S.V. Sint Jansbrug student association and is sponsored by TU Delft. But Simon Lut, who is doing the marketing for this year’s festival, stresses that everyone in Delft is welcome. The line-up includes live music, cultural activities and shows such as dance performances, cabaret, theatre and more. The festival will be held on campus, at Lijm & Cultuur, which has three stages. One of these stages is reserved for cultural activities and there will also be outdoor activities. Each festival has a theme animal and an unofficial name.

Aangeschoten Wild was held for the first time in 2009 and has had eight successful editions since then. Simon Lut recalls some memorable years and bands.


(Photo: Festival Aangeschoten Wild, Tim van Rugge)

2009 - Giraffe

The 2009 festival had a safari theme, and many people dressed up as wild animals. The festival featured the Dutch band Chef’Special, which would go on to score some pretty big hits in the Netherlands like ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Amigo’. The festival has often featured up and coming bands. Bands like Go Back To The Zoo and John Coffey played at Aangeschoten Wild shortly before they got their big breaks.

2015 - Cheetah

2015 marked the 7th anniversary of Aangeschoten Wild, and the festival had become an important part of Delft’s event calendar. Over 60% of the visitors were unrelated to the Sint Jansbrug association, which showed that it was becoming a festival for all of Delft. The growing festival needed over 250 volunteers to organise it. Once again, the festival featured Dutch artists that were on the verge of breakthrough, like Lucas Hamming and the band Spinvis.


(Photo: Festival Aangeschoten Wild, Geert Niermeijer)

2017 – Gekko
In 2017, the festival’s house style [JB1] was changed to the hip polygon style[JB2] , which was used on the poster. After giving the centre stage to a culture act in 2016, the choice this year was for an evening of dancing and to turn the night into a party. The evening was closed by DJ OIJ, who also played a set at BKBeats this year.

2018 – Bird-of-paradise

This year, the festival will be held in mid-May instead of March. Simon Lut says that this decision was taken in the hope of better weather. “We are hoping for a sunny day. We have also moved more of our events outside, to create an even more festival-like atmosphere.” This better weather vibe is also expressed in this year’s theme animal – the tropical bird-of-paradise. The theme colours are also more light and summery than other editions.


(Photo: Festival Aangeschoten Wild, Jeroen Moens)

tu delft delta aangeschoten wild poster2018

When and where?

  • When: May 18th, 15:30
  • Where: Lijm & Cultuur, campus
  • Tickets: 14 euros, get them here or at the door for 18 euros

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