TU Delft TV - Exoskeleton

Help paraplegic patients walk again. This is what Project MARCH, one of the new Dreamteams at TU Delft, try to accomplish. Paraplegic patients are paralyzed from the waist down: they don't have any feeling or control over their legs.

An exoskeleton is a hyper innovative technique which can be put on like a suit, and then walks for the patient. The young team of student engineers at TU Delft took on the challenge to develop an exoskeleton.

Multiple disciplines come together for the development of an exoskeleton: from computer science to mechanics, it is a perfect synthesis between different areas of technology. The past few months have been an enormous challenge for the student team: as none of them had previous knowledge about how to actually build an exoskeleton, they went through a deep learning process of trial and error. Piece by piece different fields of knowledge are combined together, to build the exoskeleton.

What makes Project MARCH unique is that it can sidestep, and not only walk in a straight line. This gives users of the exoskeleton much more freedom of movement. The students work closely together with Claudia, who has a paraplegic disability. Claudia tests the product and gives the team feedback, so they can make the machine even better.

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