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Until Monday 10 August we are on holiday.
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After a tumultuous period, Delta is taking a break. Until Friday 14 August we are on holiday, but we are not leaving you empty-handed!

What is a vacation without any good reads? Surely we wouldn’t leave you hanging? We have selected  some of our most read, enjoyable and impactful articles from the past six months.

One on one conversations are a great way for people to reflect on past events and share their ideas on tough topics or decisions. These are our two favourites of last year.

lustrumdsc.jpgOne of Sam Rentmeester's iconic photos: a horse show during the Lustrum of Delftsch Studenten Corps (2008).

Articles that sparked debate
Our platform is open to well written and well argued opinion pieces by students and employees. Some write regularly, some as a one-off response to developments. These were the most impactful columns and opinion articles.

According to master student Marco Delgado Schwartz, it’s not summer resits but poor organisation, quality and care that regularly cause frustration for students at TU Delft.

How corona at TU Delft triggered the racism debate
A month before the corona measures put the Netherlands in an intelligent lockdown, we spoke to Chinese students who were subject to discrimination. They called for action and urged their fellow students to speak up. 

Chinese_students_coronavirus_IDE1_1.jpg(Photo: Yujie Shan)

PhDs and postdocs are struggling
With just a small percentage obtaining their doctorates within four years, being a PhD at TU Delft seems to be difficult. Delta investigated the topic and shared the personal stories of PhDs and postdocs who are struggling with career prospects, stress and doing research during these challenging times.

PHD%20Vibhas3_0_1.jpgVibhas Mishra was stuck at his parents-in-law in India.

Get a head start on the coming academic year
Already dreading the start of the 2020/2021 academic year? We got you covered with tips to combat your digital distraction and housing scammers.

News, backgrounds or just a fun story. The TU Delft community consists of thousands of students, employees and alumni that have amazing stories to tell.

  • [All in the family] Vuik’s five
    In the captivating series ‘All in the family’ we spoke to grandparents, parents, grand children and children who all studied at TU Delft. About then and now, about lectures in freezing classrooms and watching lectures online.

AllemaalFamilie_Vuik_0449_WEB_0.jpgThe Vuik family, from left to right: Dies, Nelleke, father Kees, Adriaan and Thea. (Photo: Sam Rentmeester)

It’s not just great inventions that make up our science section. We also regularly ask TU Delft researchers to comment on pressing issues at play in society.

Haakse Zeedijk in cross section. (Illustration: Sija van den Beukel)

  • 5G: Who is reading over your shoulder?
    With several transmission masts being targeted by arsonists, Delta wondered: should you be worried about the new 5G network’s privacy and security? We discussed this issue with Professor of Cyber Security Michel van Eeten.
  • TU Delft and US scientists discover ‘hallmark of coexistence’
    Biologists have wondered for centuries what it is that prevents extinctions in a competitive world. Now scholars have found that it involves a doughnut shape and a scorched earth strategy.
  • Do we need a second coastline?
    ‘If we look three centuries ahead, the period in which the average temperature may not drop, we must be prepared for a five to perhaps eight metre rise in sea level’. The rise in sea level necessitates the building of an additional dam off the coast, say the inventors of the Haakse Zeedijk. What do they think about this at CiTG?

How corona affected TU Delft.
During the outbreak of the coronavirus Delta updated staff and students through a liveblog. All updates and links to corona related articles can be found here.

IMG_20200615_122553.jpg(Photo: Marjolein van der Veldt)

  • The Delta office is closed from Monday 20 July to Friday 14 August. From Friday 14 August we will provide you with the latest news on science, education and campus life at TU Delft, starting with the OWee.

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