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Inspired by singing Italian neighbours, internationals in Delft had their own DJ night
Inspired by singing Italian neighbours, internationals in Delft had their own DJ night. (Photo: Medha Hariharan)

Inspired by singing Italian neighbours on social media, internationals living at the Prof. Schermerhornstraat complex had their own DJ night, Medha Hariharan witnessed.

It spread from Italy. No, not the Covid-19. I am talking about the creativity of the human spirit to find colour against the monochromatic backdrop of a pandemic. Inspired by the trending video from Italy where neighbours sing together to show their resilience and camaraderie during these testing times, the students living at the Professor Schermerhornstraat in Delft had their own DJ night at their premises. It was indeed a pitch perfect opening to their first week of shutdown.

Given the uncertainty of the current situation, students have a lot on their minds. Away from home and unsure about how the next few weeks or months will pan out, students need a break to leave their worries behind for a while. With music as international and diverse as its residents, Prof. Schermerhornstraat donned a festive vibe that was the perfect therapy needed at this time. Students gathered on their balconies to sing and groove along to some of their favourite tunes. When the thumping beats of ‘We will rock you’ came along, it was as though the residents were sending a message of positivity, ‘This too shall pass’.

Students gathered on their balconies to sing

In a way, the common language of music connected us all and reminded us of the cheerful and thriving spirit of humanity. Yes, corona has increased the physical distance between us, but I believe the residents of Prof. Schermerhornstraat will tell you that it brought them closer. I am still waiting for my owl, but I am sure Albus Dumbledore would have ended his speech saying, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light”. And I think these words are true now, more than ever.

Medha Hariharan is currently pursuing her Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. She loves to dip her feet into all things creative. Always up for a cup of warm Chai and a game of cricket.

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