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The IRPdelft team 2019 is complete and ready to start its journey. With this series of blog posts, we will share the experiences of the team in the upcoming few months.

IRPdelft is a foundation that provides master students with a challenging international and educational experience. This year the destination is set to India.

The final team consists of 20 motivated master students with various backgrounds, in the group picture below you can meet the team. We heard various motives from the applicants to sign up for IRPdelft: experience consultancy, work together in a professional manner with other motivated students, take on the challenge of a big international project. The selection was performed through a résumé check by Bain and Company in combination with a personal interview.

What is IRPdelft? 
IRPdelft, International Research Projects Delft, provides 20 students with a challenging international and educational experience while offering companies a professional and multidisciplinary research team to tackle their problems. During the summer holiday, the team will be split up in teams and execute 5 research projects for different companies. In the past few years, IRPdelft’s project teams have executed market research, feasibility studies and supply chain optimizations.

A surging economy and jaw-dropping adventures

At the beginning of the academic year, a daunting and stimulating question arose: ‘Which developing country will be the destination for this years IRP edition?’ Exotic, interesting and even far-fetched options were all reviewed. This year though, one country seemed to combine all positive traits IRP looks for in its destination. A surging economy, unfolding collaborations with Dutch multinational companies and suitable for jaw-dropping adventures: it should be no surprise that the country in question was India. The fact that sky-rocketing technical sectors such as IT services, water management and digital retail are the main drivers for the growth of the economy only added to our decision: India, IRP is coming!   

Training from top-tier consultants 
The team has already had its first days together to meet each other and to set up all practicalities. This means that the team is now fully ready to start with the acquisition phase. From now on till April we will approach multinationals for client projects and formulate research proposals. We hope to find multiple projects and select the five most promising opportunities. At the same time, in the next few months, we will get training from top-tier consultants.

From April till the summer we will write our research proposal, and divide the 20 students over 5 groups. We will also carry out research depending on the request of the company.

In the Netherlands we will focus on desk research and make a planning for our stay in India. After the final exams in July we will head of to India and execute field studies, we will dig into the projects and we will visit local people and companies. At the end of this adventure, in September, we will summarize our findings and present the outcomes to the companies we worked with.

The team is ready, so let the acquisition phase start!

Visit irpdelft.nl for more about the executed projects from last year.

tu delft delta irpdelft2019
Left to right, top to bottom: David Kamp (Applied Physics), Anne-Marie de Jong (Complex Systems Engineering and Management), Eva Houbiers (Hydraulic Engineering), Kasper IJzermans (Sustainable Energy Technologies), Coen Roorda (Strategic Product Design), Johan van den Heuvel (Strategic Product Design), 
Charles de Beus (Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences), Freija Rozendaal (Architecture), Marissa Moultak (Complex Systems Engineering and Management), Anthony van der Pluijm (Control & Simulation), Mathijs Kan (Biomedical Engineering), Michiel Hickey (Chemical Engineering), Natalie Brik (Strategic Product Design), 
Sophie van Riel (Architecture + Computer Sciences), Ties Diercks (Space Flight), Mees Hoff (Engineering and Policy Analysis). Not on the picture: Andrea Ciovati (Management of Technology), Meyke Nering Bögel (Engineering and Policy Analysis), Soraya van Beek (Civil Engineering), Charlotte Hoekstra (Strategic Product Design).