African Architecture, tu delft, delta

Laura and Ellen, two graduates from the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Delft, went to Africa for three months to design and build a community center in Kenya.

Okana is a small village in Western Kenya, where SRI (Sustainable Rural Initiatives) operates. It's a local NGO, which is working to improve the quality of life of local inhabitants.

Working together with SRI meant for the two graduates that they could really build this project together with the local community, and local people. They worked together with local contractors, and used bamboo as a sustainable building material.

The community in Okana is very rural, which means simple things like internet and reading materials are not available for the local children and people. This is the reason that SRI wants to invest in these things, because they will determine the future of local children. The community center, which houses a library, ICT rooms and tailoring workshops is a perfect addition to this goal. The local community can this way educate themselves, and meet with other people.

For the future, Laura and Ellen hope the local people will be inspired by this community center, and adapt and build it at other places.
All in all, a way to use architecture to better the lives of people in poor countries.