143 new student studios

Lees in het Nederlands 

Mosaic World, formerly known as Camelot Europe, is currently putting the finishing touches on 143 student studios and 142 ‘starter apartments’ on the Pauwmolenterrein in Delft. As of this week, you can register for the apartments, writes the housing provider in a press release.

The apartments are so-called short stay housing, where tenants stay up to 6 months. The basic rent for student studios starts at 590 euros, for apartments at 632 euros. This does not include service costs and upholstery and furnishing costs. Residents aged 23 or older can apply for rent subsidies for the apartments.

Tenants can move in after September 1. Registration can be done through the website Spots4You.com.

Camelot Europe has come under fire several time in the past few years due due, among other things, high service costs. Recently Youtube program BOOS made an episode about the housing provider.

Tenants can move in starting from september 1st. (Photo: Mosaic World)