13 maart 2017 14.10

TU Delft TV - Merging rivers in Myanmar

TU Delft TV - Merging rivers in Myanmar Our crew joined Rolf Hut and his team of researchers on their trip to Myanmar. With tracers positioned on strategic locations along the stretch of the river, these scientists study how the two rivers interact and meet after the confluence. ...
27 februari 2017 10.35

TU Delft TV - Festival Furniture

TU Delft TV - Festival Furniture Bucky Lab started a collaboration with Mojo, the festival organisation company. Eric van Eerdenburg, director of Lowlands, was looking for innovative concepts for festivals, and asked building technology students to help him with this.

16 januari 2017 13.00

TU Delft TV - Delftacopter

TU Delft TV - Delftacopter Is it a plane, is it a helicopter? No, it's the Delftacopter. Watch the newest award-winning hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle by the TU Delft drone lab.
07 november 2016 13.06

TU Delft TV - Exoskeleton

TU Delft TV - Exoskeleton Help paraplegic patients walk again. This is what Project MARCH, one of the new Dreamteams at TU Delft, try to accomplish.

03 oktober 2016 11.51

TU Delft TV - Project Pal

TU Delft TV - Project Pal Project Pal is a big project which focuses on developing a social robot: a companion for children with diabetes.
19 september 2016 11.02

TU Delft TV: Man versus Machine

TU Delft TV: Man versus Machine The human-powered and student-built submarine WASUB was pitched against top-swimmer Kyle Stolk. Who finishes this 100-metre race first: man or machine?

05 september 2016 09.39

TU Delft TV - BeachRock

TU Delft TV - BeachRock The idea behind BeachRock is that certain enhanced natural attributes are being used to defend vulnerable coastlines against the growing threat of climate change. The continuous movement of water and wind erodes coastlines around the world ...
23 augustus 2016 12.55

TU Delft TV: Olympic Legacy

TU Delft TV: Olympic Legacy Now that the Olympic games are over, what can be done with the stadiums and guest houses that were built? Dr. Yawei Chen (Architecture) studies Olympic legacies.