In the sportlight: Sidharth Mahalingam

Photo: Sam Rentmeester
Photo: Sam Rentmeester

1.80 meters
Weight: 75 kg
Date of birth: March 29 1990
Course:Master's in management of technology
Sport: Cricket (Concordia)
Other sports: Badminton, Football 

Why cricket?
My first memory of cricket is watching India play in the 1996 World Cup. Cricket is like a religion back in India and I have been playing the game ever since I can remember.

What are your strengths?
I like to be in the middle, always be involved in the field with something or the other. From a cricketing perspective I am an all-rounder, a bowler who can bat. I’m sure my teammates will have their own stories though.

What are your weaknesses?
I take defeat to heart and can’t stop thinking about it unless I win the next round.

Any injuries that you have to keep in mind while playing?
Every now and then my right shoulder pains after a long day in the field and especially when I try and bowl a tad bit faster.

What is your favourite moment?
Winning the IDCL (Indo Dutch Cricket League) We were the 2014 runners up and 2013 winners.

What's the best part about cricket?
Being on the field in the middle of the action (batting, bowling or fielding), team bonding, and all the jokes on and off the field!

Why DSV Concordia?
The club is close to where I live and the team has played so many tournaments together that we all know each other quite well.

What are your ambitions?
I want to play with my team at overgangsklasse next season and maybe even higher leagues in the seasons to come, provided I (get a job and) stay here in the Netherlands.   

30 juni 2014

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28 april 2014

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