The graduate

21 juni 2012

Adventure in Vietnam

Adventure in Vietnam Difficult challenges and unexpected opportunities are classical building blocks of any adventure. Karina Simane (30) experienced this herself during her Strategic Product Design master graduation project, for which Simane travelled to ...
07 juni 2012

The future car seat

The future car seat To work for BMW and to design the car seat of the future: only the idea itself triggers the wildest dreams of any design student.

10 mei 2012

Cooking rice on rice waste

Cooking rice on rice waste The gasification cooker that IDE graduate Rob Hoebe (MSc) developed has the potential of turning the environmental burden of rice waste into productive and health-protecting fuel.
19 april 2012

Browsing books online

Browsing books online Local bookshops are facing difficult times. In search of a new future, Heike Marin Faber (25) presented her MSc thesis on April 5 for the company Libris, for which she designed a new way of exploring books online: book browsing.

29 maart 2012

Providing for pregnant pigs

Providing for pregnant pigs For most people the welfare of animals in intensive farming is not an everyday concern. For Simone Hoogendoorn (25) however the needs of farrowing sows - pregnant pigs - became her graduation project. “I had the idea that I could really ...
15 maart 2012

Rotterdam in 2021: from A to C

Rotterdam in 2021: from A to C In Rotterdam in 2021, the concept of public transportation will have changed due to developments in the city and among its inhabitants, according to Robert Korteland (25). For his MSc thesis, Korteland designed new concepts that ...

23 februari 2012

UN’s vertical farm

UN’s vertical farm The design challenge is so popular that it has been ongoing at the Architecture faculty for three semesters: design the headquarters for the United Nations’ new environmental council.
09 februari 2012

Lighting up elderly homes

Lighting up elderly homes Owing to a lack of daylight and serious problems with memorization, a senile elderly person’s circadian rhythm is disturbed. For his MSc thesis, Loek Canton (26) developed a bright light that helps restore a natural sleep-wake rhythm.