Short news

04 juli 2016 00.15

Smarter snacking

Smarter snacking Have you ever bought a bag of chips and eaten all of them without really thinking about it? Well, you’re not alone. It’s a regular occurrence for many and this is exactly what many food companies want you to do.
30 mei 2016 00.46

Mathematicians help firefighters

Mathematicians have developed a model that advises firefighter management how to optimise the response time by either shifting the vehicles around or by relocating their barracks.

01 september 2014 08.47

Mine Detection

Not only dogs and rats can sniff out explosives. Genetically modified bacteria can do so too. Or so students from TU Delft, Leiden University and the Hogeschool Rotterdam believe. In November they will present their invention, a modified ...
01 september 2014 08.00

Building competition

TU Delft’s entry ‘Pret-a-Loger’ at the biannual building competition Solar Decathlon earned third prize in Versailles this summer. The terraced house with a second skin was top-scorer on sustainability thanks to the choice of ...

01 september 2014 08.00

Long live qubit

Once integrated on chips, nanofabricated quantumbits hold the promise of ultra-fast quantum computing. Unfortunately however, these building blocks of future quantum computers are very unstable. Researchers from the Kavli Institute of ...
02 juni 2014

Universe’s fingerprints

Universe’s fingerprints Dr Jian-Rong Gao of the quantum transport group (AS faculty) developed a sensor that can detect infrared light from outer space with unprecedented sensitivity.

15 april 2013

Vacuum gripper

PhD student Durandus Vonck developed a vacuum tool that allows surgeons in keyhole surgery to get a grip on tissue without damaging it. It all began with the idea of using vacuum for getting a grip on tissue during an operation. ...
28 juni 2012

Short news science - Delta 19

Short news science - Delta 19 Rocket Across the road from the Sports Centre, rocket scientist, Dr Vitaly Yemets, from the University of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), has been testing a new highly reactive oxidizer. ”There has been no explosion, so it is a ...