International 26 maart 2017 12.29

How do we tackle excessive workload?

Are you under pressure working at TU Delft? Are you annoyed by the workplace interaction or the office conditions? Delta is interested in your opinion for a series of stories on potential improvements.
What's hiding in Delft 08 maart 2017 15.00

Gaudi with a twist of Delft Blue

Gaudi with a twist of Delft Blue There's a curiously shaped sofa-cum-art installation with Delft Blue tiles in the garden of Museum Het Prinsenhof. This sculpture is a tribute to two artist traditions – the nature-inspired art of 19th Spanish architect Antoni ...

Delft survival guide 07 maart 2017 16.00

Surviving board games

Surviving board games Why stay home and curse the weather when you can sit at a cafe and play a challenging board game, a competitive game of chess or a round of Jenga with beer? Don’t worry if you don’t have any games, some cafes in the city keep their own ...
International 07 maart 2017 09.30

Bye bye boxes

Bye bye boxes The iconic spaceboxes behind the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science have all been demolished and the occupants have been moved to the newly built International Students House (ISH) on Prof. ...

International 06 maart 2017 11.04

New DISS board determined to bridge divide

New DISS board determined to bridge divide Once again, integration is the top priority of an international student organisation. The new board of Delft International Students Society (DISS) believes the key to bringing Dutch and international students together lies in ...
International 20 februari 2017 12.07

Delta Weekly Podcast | 2017 | Week 8

Delta Weekly Podcast | 2017 | Week 8 On this week's podcast, we talk about a teacher registration, a new MOOC and the plans to actually complete the tram extension to campus.

International 16 februari 2017 13.00

Phd students create new MOOC

Phd students create new MOOC Starting in March 2017, a new MOOC, 'Rethinking the City: New Approaches to Global and Local Urban Challenges' will join the list of online courses available from TU Delft on the EdX platform.
International 13 februari 2017 13.00

Innovative teams tackle societal challenges

Innovative teams tackle societal challenges What do the circular economy and improving the Dutch healthcare system have in common? They are the focus areas of the SMO Promovendi Programme, that helps PhD candidates develop transferable skills while they work to solve societal ...