Surviving the New Year

Life may seem rough after the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but do not despair. Delft has a ton of excitement lined up for the first two months of 2017.

Ice skating is a national pastime in the Netherlands. (Photo: Holland Media Bank)
Ice skating is a national pastime in the Netherlands. (Photo: Holland Media Bank)

Winter warmth
Haven't been ice skating yet? Winters Delft, the ice rink and winter festival, is on until January 17, so get in on the action quickly. Tank up on hot chocolate and mulled wine to make the festive season last a bit longer. Esther Riphagen, who looks after sponsorships for Winters Delft, assures us that they have an exciting line-up in the New Year. "On January 7, we have a special Glow In the Dark-themed event and on the 10th we have disco skating on ice. One of our bigger events, Ladies Night, will be held on the 12th of January," she said.

Music in the snow
The organisers of Winters Delft are also hosting the second edition of the Winterdorp Festival on January 14. With six stages of music and a host of live acts, besides the snow and skating, it might be a great way to kick off an exciting year.

Best Dutch beer
Warm up with a crowd of beer enthusiasts at the winter edition of the Nederlandse Bieren Festival. Organised by Biercafe Doerak, this year the beer festival will be held at Lijm en Cultuur, closer to campus. "We needed a bigger location this time. Last year, we had 2,000 visitors for the one day event. This year, the event will be on for two days and we plan to sell 1,500 tickets per day," said Marijke Vuik, the organiser. Sixteen breweries will be present and Vuik considers them "some of the best brewers in the Netherlands". A ticket costs €15 and includes a festival glass, a book and pen and four tokens.

Delft Blues Festival
What's a new year with the annual Delft Blues Festival? From February 17 to 19 over 30 pubs across the city will host live performances by a number of Blues artists. The range of performances include Blues styles such as West Coast Blues, Chicago Blues and Boogie Woogie. On February 18, there will also be a harmonica workshop (€20) and the cost includes a harmonica.

International Comedy Nights
Looking for some live comedy where you can actually understand the punchline? Theatre De Veste'sComedy Club Delft finally has stand-up nights in English. The theatre now hosts international comedy nights and invites famous foreign comedians to perform. In 2016, they hosted three acts from the UK (Brexit notwithstanding). Their next international night is on February 15 and the line-up will be announced closer to the date. Student tickets are €12.50.

Flatstyle 2017
Believe it or not, on February 18-19, Delft will host a high adrenalin snow sporting event. Flatstyle 2017, the annual snowboarding competition, returns to the Markt for its second edition. 15 truckloads of snow and a cable system will be used to recreate the traditional mountainous terrain needed for professional snowboarding. There will be also side events, in case you can take your eyes off the action!

There's still more fun to be had in February. While the Stukafest kicks off on February 1 in Nijmegen, it will be held in Delft on February 22. For the uninitiated, Stukafest (studentenkamerfestival) is an arts festival that is literally held in student rooms. Events include band performances, theatre and even poetry! Tickets will be on sale at the Bouwpub, Faculty of Architecture on February 11.