The bike of...

(Photo: Swathi Krishna)
(Photo: Swathi Krishna)

Name: Alexander Alefragkis (MSc Sustainable Energy Technology, from Greece)
Brand: Unknown
Price: € 100
Striking feature: It’s purple and pink

“In brief words, I bought my bike from Brikfit on my third day in the Netherlands, after having to walk for rather long distances in continuous rainfall for the first two and a half days! In fact, I was so desperate for finding a bike, that I bought the first one that I found, which also happened to be the last one at this specific store. The thing is that I ended up with a totally purple bike, with a pink light in the front - a little bit girly, as most of my friends support - and as a result, I often feel other peoples’ eyes on me when biking! But after all that, I have been on my bike for the last 6 months now, and it has almost never let me down. This might come across as an exaggeration but I have developed a very close relationship with it and can say that I’m really proud of it.
I’d like to comment that I’ve never been tempted to buy a new bike, despite the fact that I have friends with more than three bikes each who often tease me by asking me to exchange bikes: my own for one of theirs! In the end, we all end up laughing because they do know how greatly I’m attached to it! In fact, I never go somewhere without taking it with me, even if I have to travel a distance of 10 meters. When I come back home, I always take it inside my apartment because I’m afraid someone might steal it. It’s purple and pink, so it can be easily spotted by a thief’s eyes. I’ve never traveled very long destinations with it, though, as it’s an old bike with tires in really bad shape, but I usually take it with me in the train. When I was still its new owner, I used to give rides to a friend who happened to have more bike problems; in that sense, after a while it was a common secret that nothing wrong ever happens to my bike, in contrast to most of the rest. Sometimes people make fun of the fact that it has bright colors, but it’s not all that bad.”

31 maart 2014

The bike of...Joolie Kasmire

The bike of...Joolie Kasmire Name: Joolie Kasmire (United States,PhD Candidate, TBM) Price: €400 Brand: Strida
24 februari 2014

The bike of Hui-Ling Chen

The bike of Hui-Ling Chen Sometimes a meaningful gift is worth more than an expensive one. That is exactly how Hui-Ling Chen feels about her bike. It was a gift from her boyfriend when she moved from Taiwan to the Netherlands a few months ago.

27 januari 2014

The Bike of...Georgios Gousios

The Bike of...Georgios Gousios Name:Georgios Gousios (Greece, Software Technology, Postdoc) Price:€400 Brand:GT
16 december 2013

The bike of Ricardo Reinoso-Rondinel

The bike of Ricardo Reinoso-Rondinel When Ricardo Reinoso-Rondinel moved to Delft from his native Peru one and a half years ago naturally, he bought a bike. But the police ended up taking that bike from the train station because it was illegally parked. Unfortunately, it was ...

18 november 2013

The bike of Dorina Pojani

The bike of Dorina Pojani During her first month in the Netherlands, Dorina Pojani says her legs were covered in bruises. Although she learned how to ride a bike in Albania when she was nine, she had not ridden in almost 20 years. After a number of minor accidents ...
14 oktober 2013

The bike of Milos Acanski

The bike of Milos Acanski Milos Acanski is a true bike lover. So much that his love for cycling is one of the main reasons he chose the Netherlands for his studies. “I had several bikes in my home country, including a modest road bike which I paid €350 for, a ...