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Anurag Bhattacharya, for India, is a first-year MSc student at the faculty of Architecture. (Photo: webcam)
Anurag Bhattacharya, for India, is a first-year MSc student at the faculty of Architecture. (Photo: webcam)

Anurag took a while to remember how he got his first desktop computer. With reluctance he admits he did make his dad believe it was really important for school-work! But school-work took a backseat when he discovered the internet, and his tryst with the computer actually began. “The discovery of internet games and flash games was a high point during my high school era,” he muses. “Since internet in India was still dial-up back then, streaming videos or listening to online music was virtually unheard of, and with such an unreliable connection to play games on, one always had to keep flash games as a back-up!” Anurag says, laughing.

The next revolution in India was with the popularization of an affordable broadband connection he recalls: “I was swept off my feet by my fascination for online media capabilities, which I started using to stay up-to-date on current affairs, music, reading national geographic online and other online magazines that gained prominence in the mid-2000s, like ‘Electronics for you’, ‘Digit’ and ‘Chip’. All this helped me keep up-to-date with revolutions in technology,” he reveals. “Social networking was just getting its feet in India with the emergence of ‘Orkut’ and my addiction to social networking started alongside the start of my Bachelor’s program at the University in Southern India. With my hands on my new laptop, and a ‘Facebook’ account, my first years in college practically sailed past!” he exclaims. “My addiction to social media has helped after all,” he then asserts, in reference to his being a member of TU Delft’s social media team for the last few months. “My life in the university was also instrumental in the start of certain internet rituals, which I dutifully perform even today, like blogging with cartoons and being hooked to RSS feeds.”

What would he do without internet today? “I’m really dependent on the internet today; for example, for my design studio I need to talk with colleagues who are in Argentina right now, which would be quite impossible without internet. Being a big fan of animations, the internet allows me to learn different kinds of animation in my free time, as well as to keep up with the amazing works some studios are coming up with!” he replies. “I’ve also become a shopaholic, ever since I ‘discovered’ online shopping last year. “ And he ends with a word of warning: “Although internet has done a lot of good to the world at large, the present and future generations are getting things served on a silver platter, for almost no effort. This may not be a good thing in the longer run.” 

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