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Foreign eye

(Photo: Olga Motysk)
(Photo: Olga Motysk)

‘Don’t Feed the Birds’. These kind of signs sprung up recently in my neighborhood, an area predominantly occupied by immigrants and foreign students. Feeding the birds has become a bit of a political issue lately, with the right-wing PVV party leader Geert Wilders stirring up a controversy saying foreigners cause problems by feeding pigeons in the street. I must admit, when I first came to the Netherlands, I fed pigeons freely in parks and other public places, not understanding the dirty looks from passers-by. While in Ukraine (as in many other countries), pigeons are treated as fluffy cute birds, here they’re considered dirty, disease-spreading vermin. And these kind of labels tend to be self-fulfilling: the Dutch city pigeons are much less plump and shiny than their well-loved Ukrainian cousins. Cut off from loving and plentiful human-provided food supplies, the Dutch birds must scavenge dumpsters and sidewalks for rotting leftovers, making them more likely to spread disease or become ill. So next time you’re in a park and craving some non-human company, don’t feed the birds. Instead, cuddle some kittens; everybody likes kittens.

29 juli 2014

Veni's voor twee TU-onderzoekers

Daniele Cavallo en Atilla Geresdi krijgen een Veni-subsidie van NWO. De twee Delftse onderzoekers krijgen de komende drie jaar beide maximaal 250 duizend euro voor hun onderzoek.
28 juli 2014

Aula under renovation

Aula under renovation The Aula will be closed for renovations from July 7 to August 15 2014. Apart from the building’s routine maintenance, the restaurant will receive a complete makeover, transforming the facility into a modern, yet inviting space where ...

28 juli 2014

In Memoriam Albert van Bilsen

In Memoriam Albert van Bilsen Op 27 juli jl. bereikte ons het droeve bericht dat onze collega Albert van Bilsen onverwacht is overleden. Albert is in februari 1990 bij het rekencentrum van de TU begonnen als stagiaire. Na afloop van zijn stageperiode is hij ...
23 juli 2014

Avocations: The paintings of Dr. Eduardo Mendes

Avocations: The paintings of Dr. Eduardo Mendes Early on Dr. Eduardo Mendes thought he wanted to be an architect. But he ended up choosing to study physics because of what he calls its “hidden beauty”. Originally from Brazil, the associate professor studied quantum optics before ...

23 juli 2014

Delft offers local market

Delft offers local market Delft and its surrounding area have a variety of unique local products to offer. Many of these can be seen by visiting the monthly Delftse Streekmarkt (Delft regional market).
23 juli 2014

TU Delft team wins top honours at the Solar Decathlon 2014

TU Delft team wins top honours at the Solar Decathlon 2014 The Pret-a-loger team from TU Delft won third place at the annual Solar Decathlon 2014, held in Versailles. The team also came first in specific categories of the competition. Universities from all over the world presented full-scale solar ...