Jeroen and Linda met on the web. Linda Terlouw is an independent ICT consultant and an external PhD student under the supervision of Professor Jan Dietz (EEMC and TPM). Jeroen Advocaat is a graphic designer and sculptor, based in China. Linda was looking for a design for the cover of her thesis and she liked Jeroen’s science-fiction style, just as she likes the technological and futuristic view of science fiction. Asimov is her favourite writer and Jeroen has designed several covers for the SF magazine ‘Asimov’.

The thing that she wanted to express in the cover of her thesis was modularity: “How to divide a complex whole into parts to keep it manageable,” she explains. Her thesis deals with modularity in organisations and IT systems. “How to best divide organisations into modules and how do you make them communicate?” KLM is a good example, she says. A lot of different tasks need to be arranged for a flight, such as baggage handling, catering services and fuelling the plane. KLM aims for modularity in services to make mergers, outsourcing, and computer replacement easier. 

Linda Terlouw, ‘Modularisation and Specification of Service-Oriented Systems’, PhD-supervisor: Prof. Jan Dietz, 5 July 2011, 15:00, Science Centre