A special edition of Delta

Can’t get enough of Delta? We’ve got more coming your way. This edition may be the last for the academic year, but this summer, we’re issuing a special edition of Delta, entirely in English.

As the international population of TU Delft has grown, so has the desire for more news in English. In the past few years, we’ve expanded the English section of the magazine, as well as increasing the number of online articles we publish in English. But this year, we are doing more. 

With a publication date of August 7 2014, this year we will publish a version of Delta entirely in English.

This special edition of Delta will replicate the layout of a typical Delta, including all of the great series that are normally published in Dutch. However, we will be doing it entirely in English. This won’t be a translated ver-sion; our English-languages writers are creating new content geared especially towards the international audience. You’ll find articles on topics ranging from how to make stamppot to the problems with integration.

A copy of the special edition will be distributed to each of the incoming master’s student during their orientation program and extra copies will be placed at various points around campus. As with normal Delta publications, we will make the entire paper available to read online and each of the articles will be available on our website.